May 22

The Week of Debauchery

I am really using the term debauchery “loosely”. I didn’t do anything too crazy, but I certainly kept my promise and slept in every morning, never hit the gym once, and indulged in a few treats. Wednesday night,  I bowled with co-workers, drank some beer and ate pizza. Another big treat included a Snickers Blizzard from Dairy Queen last Sunday night, which I haven’t had in probably a year or more. I didn’t fool around with those “mini’s” either, It was full-sized.

I didn’t tell my Dairy Queen story last week because it didn’t seem as comical as it seems right now. However, looking back, it makes me laugh. As I mentioned in my after Marathon post, I was feeling incredibly sick for hours afterwards. I threw up several times, managed a hot shower when I got home, and laid in bed with the shakes for about two hours. Although my husband never said so, I know he was thinking that I was a bit of a wimp, he’s just like that. The nerve, right?!  After I finally recovered (to a point) I was determined to show him that I was completely over it and back to normal, despite the physical torture I endured earlier in the day.

I gritted my teeth, walked down the stairs, without crying out mind you, and announced that I was driving down to Dairy Queen to get  myself a Blizzard. He may have offered to drive me, but that’s really beside the point. So, in my sweats, no makeup, wet hair and looking a little shaky (dog Cooper in my arms) I got into the car and I was on my way. There’s a drive through, which is good, cause shoes really weren’t an option at that moment.

Here’s the part that gets a little funny. So, there are muscles DEEP in your legs that you’re probably not even aware of. I know I wasn’t aware of them until I felt the burning pain deep in my thighs as a result of simply shifting my foot from the gas pedal to the brake, and back several times over the course of the approximate 3-mile drive to the DQ. I was whimpering a little and my dog stared at me and tilted his cute little head, obviously showing his concern. 

Teary-eyed, I was praying, please let me just make it down the hill and back. I wanted that freakin’ ice cream badly, so for the second time that day, endured pain to get what I wanted. The blizzard was awesome, so worth it. This was a big day, on so many levels! Cooper even got some, for being so sympathetic and enduring the ride while I was whining.

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