Feb 15

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This is a new weekly installment I’m trying out here on TRF. I, just like everyone else, is exposed to thousands of links a week. Some are useful and some are a gigantic waste of time.

I’ll use this space to share with you the links I feel worthy of, well, sharing.  And what better time to do it than on the weekend when we all have a little more reading time. Enjoy!

Sorry this post is a little late today, I was taking full advantage of the fresh powder on the slopes today!


Link One

If you’re like me and have seen Spirit of the Marathon too many times to count, you’re going to be extremely excited about this first piece of news. Boston Marathon organizers have signed an agreement with the creators of the aforementioned movie to document this year’s race. I can’t quite put into words how the experience of running Boston has changed me as a runner. I can’t wait to learn more about the history of the event, what it takes to put it together and will also touch upon the tragedy that struck the 2013 event, the one I ran. If you visit the movie website, you can get on a mailing list to receive updates about the films progress and release, which will be some time in 2015.

Boston Marathon to get Feature Film Treatment

Movie Website

bostonLink Two

The next link I selfishly grabbed because I NEED, NEED, NEED to get better at doing to meal prep on Sundays to make my work week easier. Eats and Exercise by Amber seems to have it nailed down. She’s mastered healthy on a budget and gets me hungry just looking at her post. Check out her at the link below:

Eats and Exercise by Amber

mela prepLink Three

This is a personal one for me, and yes, revolves around the Boston Marathon once again. I suppose for those of us who were there when the bombings happened, the reality of what occurred that day is not something we talk about often, but something that is never far from our minds. I still get quite emotional when I play it back in my head and ponder on the fact that I was a mere 50 feet over the finish line. I won’t go into my story again, I’ve posted it here before. What I do want to share is someone else’s story. My dear running friend Deana, who blogs over at Small Town Momma, tells her side of the story. I guess those of us who were there that day feel some comfort connecting with others who also were.

Dean’s Boston Marathon 2013 Story – Part One


On a lighter note, this isn’t exactly a link, but something I really wanted to share. PaulBlankman is someone that I follow in Instagram. He runs in the Boston area and looks for the perfect shot on every run, and he’s out there quite a bit. He really does have some great shots on his Instagram account, not all as humorous as this one, but certainly worth a look.

Follow Paul on his Instagram account Here. 20140215-181821.jpg

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Happy Reading!


  1. Running Bear

    I like the skiing pic, you look like you belong in Sochi racing for gold!

    Thank you for sharing the Boston Marathon links, some interesting stuff there.

    1. Kim

      Ha! you wouldn’t think so if you saw me coming down Goosebumps in 6″ inches of fresh, bumped up powder! LOL.

      I’m really excited about the Boston Movie. Can’t wait.

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