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Pittsburgh Marathon – Training Week Six


So, I guess you’re wondering what’s with the new banner at the top of this post. Whether you are or you aren’t, I’m going to tell you anyway. I’m an official blogger for the 2014 Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon “Run Home” campaign. I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of something I love in such a special way. From now until I cross the finish line, I’ll be updating you on my progress in training, and hopefully provide some motivation and tips to help you reach your goal on race day. I may not be the fastest runner on the course May 4th, but there won’t be a shortage of determination and heart!

Week Five Recap

Last week was the first week on my shiny new training plan. My mileage was cut back during the week, which enabled me to get some additional sleep in the mornings. Hallelujah to that! It was still rather cold last week, so a lot of my miles were done on the treadmill. Thursday’s run was done outside during lunch and was my favorite run of the week. It was only 4 miles, but everything clicked and felt good. I think keeping the miles a little lower has also helped me bounce back quicker from day-to-day. In pictures, my recap below:

20140216-201922.jpgThat leaves Sunday’s long run. I hate to say that I didn’t enjoy this run, but it was a tough one. All long runs are hard, but for some reason, I FROZE on Sunday. I dressed like I always do and wore the same gloves, but by mile 10, I was so miserably cold that I had a hard time thinking about anything else. My muscles felt tight and I struggled once again in slippery conditions. Word around the running community is that everyone’s long weekend runs have been difficult this winter. We can all get frustrated, or we can look at it this way…..just think about how great it’ll be when we have that first 50 degree sunny, dry day. We’ll feel like we’re wearing wings. So, I guess toughing it out through this mess will only make us stronger in the end.

Icy cold toes and frozen eye lashes, we train through it all, so we can kick _____! Well, you know! :)

I used one of my favorite apps, Fitsnap, to capture Sunday’s milage and distance.


This Week’s Schedule:

  • Monday – Rest (thank goodness) stretching and rolling
  • Tuesday – 4 miles EZ (9:12 – 9:27)
  • Wednesday – 4 miles EZ (9:12 – 9:27)
  • Thursday – 4 miles EZ (9:12 – 9:27)
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – RACE DAY – 38th Annual Spring Thaw
  • Sunday – Rest

The Spring Thaw race is very unique because you can pick your distance based on how you’re feeling that day. You have your choice of 10, 15, or 20 miles. As of right now, I plan on doing the 15 miler. I was going to do the 20, but with the change in training plans, and the advice from someone objective, I’ve decided to do the 15. I still reserve the right to complete the full 20 if I feel amazing that day! Goal pace for the 15 miler is an aggressive 8:37.

This race also means some easier, less intense workouts during the week. I want my legs to feel as fresh as possible come Saturday.

I hope you had a great week training…onward and upward towards our goals!

If you have comments, please leave them below. As always, feel free to use my contact page to reach me directly.




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  1. Kelly Rezak

    I agree with you about the long runs being diffuclt with the weather! I did 12 miles on Saturday and I feel I’m putting out double the effort but going slower because its snowy and slippery. It was a tough run and tough to finish but I did! And its over. Saturday is another run and another chance at awesomeness!

    1. Kim

      Another chance at awesomeness! I love it. Sounds like you’re still getting the miles in. Love them, hate them, they’re on the books! Hope Saturday is better for both of us.

  2. Steffany R.

    Congrats!! Good luck racing this weekend. I was looking in to that race but with injury recovery I decided against it.

    1. Kim

      Thank you and thank you. I would do what you need to to recover fully before pushing in a race. You’ll be happy when it’s time for the big dance.

  3. Running Bear

    Congratulations on becoming an official blogger for the marathon, that’s very cool.

    On my long runs I flip flop between tolerating the cold, loving the cold and hating the cold. Sounds like you landed on one of the “hating it” days, which is unfortunate. Hopefully a tolerating or loving day will come soon.

    I’ll be quoting you in my head during my run this evening (it is currently -5 realfeel with 30mph winds)…”just think about how great it’ll be when we have that first 50 degree sunny, dry day.” I can’t wait!

    Good luck at the Spring Thaw, look forward to hearing about the experience.

    1. Kim

      Thanks, I am excited about the opportunity to talk endlessly about running!!

      Glad you could take away some of my optimism. This weekend’s race should be warmer, just hoping for dry.

      Heading over to your blog tonight to check in on your training.

      1. Running Bear

        (A) I totally was recalling your statement about sunny days during last night’s frigid windy run, it gave me a laugh as I was trying to stabilize on a half mile stretch of black invisible ice.

        (B) Today’s run was 45 degrees and sunny. Not quite the 50 degrees we talked about yesterday, but I’ll take it!

        1. Kim

          Awesome – warmer weather is a comin’!

  4. Shaun

    I will definitely be running this weekend as well.. Still not sure what distance I want to run yet though.. Thinking the 15 more than likely

    1. Kim

      Yeah! Maybe we’ll see each other. Good luck

  5. Kristy

    Yay! I’m still sitting on my announcement post, I was waiting to hear from her, after I emailed her. Did she respond to yours, or did you just post it w/o a response?

    Good luck at the Spring Thaw! Since I almost always run the Shamrock Marathon, I always used the Spring Thaw as my last long training run for it, as it’s a supported run, and I have other people to run with. I’m kind of sad that I can’t run it again this year. :( Boo.

    Congrats again on the official blogger thing, will be fun!

    1. Kim

      Ummm, posted without a response. :)

      Congrats to you as well! It sounds like we’ll actually get the chance to meet, which I look forward to.

      I’m excited for this weekend’s race. I get so nervous though, no matter how many times I do it.

  6. Mar @ Mar on the Run!

    Congratulations!! Looking forward to doing this with you! I’ve soft announced but my post is coming on Monday :) Good luck with your race weekend!

    1. Kim

      Thanks so much, I feel the same way, glad to connect with you through this opportunity. I’ll be looking for your post. And, thanks for the luck. :)

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