Feb 18

What I ate Wednesday

What I ateWIAW is pretty popular in the blogger arena, and I thought since this blog is about running and nutrition, it fits right in. The idea is to document everything I ate in one single day, (not necessarily on Wednesday) good or bad, by photographing it and sharing it here. After that I can gauge how healthy or unhealthy I ate that day. Yes, I will be honest.¬† I’ll typically try to stick with Tuesdays, if my work schedule allows for it. Why you care? You may not, but sometimes, I get great breakfast, snack or other meal ideas from people’s dietary pictures. I’m hoping to pass on some new ideas or in some cases, things to avoid ideas on to you




Tuesday, February 18th meals:

Yesterday morning when the alarm went off at 4:45, I was complete prepared to rearrange my entire day due to bad weather and icy roads. Turns out it wasn’t too bad and I was able to slowly make my way to the gym.

The usual one cup of black coffee and a banana to go…


The morning run was a nice slow recovery run after Sunday’s brutally cold and wet 15 miles.


Post run meal consisted of two hard boiled eggs and a sliced pear. Great combination and quite filling.

20140218-102042.jpgSample day today….again. Of course I am not fooled by the “1 full serving of vegetables in every once”, really? But I was curious none-the-less and decided to try these. They were pretty good, if you’re a chip person, which I’m not. I’ll take a handful of raw almonds any day of the week.

20140218-103402.jpgInstead of actually eating lunch at lunch time, I treated my friend Erin ( you can visit her blog at this link Twenty Something) to birthday coffee at Starbucks. I enjoyed my absolute favorite – Chia Tea Latte with soy. At the end of the day when I saw my sugar consumption, I remembered why I only indulge in these once a month or every other month! Oh my! (41 grams of sugar in this drink alone!) But it was worth it to get out of the office for a little. :)

20140219-103441.jpgThose lattes are a lot more filling than you would think. I came back to my desk and had a handful of almonds instead of the salad I packed.

20140219-103122.jpgFinally, around 3:00, I got hungry for my salad. It kind of took the place of my afternoon snack. It was 2 cups of spinach, a cup of sliced strawberries and a Sweet and Spicy Tuna pouch. Again, no dressing required for this salad. I love these tuna pouches and always keep them on hand. I also like them on a wrap with a little bit of hummus and veggies.

20140219-103204.jpg6:00 was dinner time. I made Rich’s favorite meal, Gardein meatless beef tips with israeli couscous and brussels sprouts. I added some sliced cucumbers and tomatoes to my plate. Sometimes I’d rather eat raw vegetables on the side.


I did end up having a small snack in the evening. I made Rich a breakfast sandwich for the morning after his workout (peanut butter and banana) and decided to eat the other half of banana with peanut butter. (more bananas)

20140219-103221.jpgSo, here’s how the day ended up.

20140219-105543.jpgObviously, the sugar was off the charts yesterday. Most of it was from the latte and the rest, at least, was natural sugars from the fruit. The cholesterol was higher than normal from the eggs and tuna. The protein was a bit higher percentage of calories than ideal. I continue to burn more than I consume, which is key and probably why I’ve dropped 3 pounds in the past couple weeks without really trying.

I can sum it up like this (in honor of LoLo Jones) and her return to the games:

20140219-110701.jpgHave a great week.

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  1. Running Bear

    I love the Lolo quote. Lately I’ve been viewing food in terms of fuel for training rather than fitting within a diet. Does that mean I’m officially an athlete? #tearsofjoy

    Just yesterday I made a salad with tuna and a bunch of various greens and onions and such, but the idea of adding strawberries would bring the meal to a whole new level. I need to remember that and try it out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kim

      Oh – if you search LoLo Jones on my blog, you’ll see a picture of me and her.

      1. Running Bear

        Who knew search bars on blogs actually work! That seems like an inspirational night, very cool.

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