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What I Ate Wednesday

What I ateWIAW is pretty popular in the blogger arena, and I thought since this blog is about running and nutrition, it fits right in. The idea is to document everything I ate in one single day, (not necessarily on Wednesday) good or bad, by photographing it and sharing it here. After that I can gauge how healthy or unhealthy I ate that day. Yes, I will be honest.  I’ll typically try to stick with Tuesdays, if my work schedule allows for it. Why you care? You may not, but sometimes, I get great breakfast, snack or other meal ideas from people’s dietary pictures. I’m hoping to pass on some new ideas or in some cases, things to avoid ideas on to you



Meals – Tuesday, February 25th

If you have been keeping track, you know that my weekdays, at least the ones when I run, are pretty routine. What time was my alarm yesterday? 4:45am, same as every Tuesday. Since I don’t typically eat much after dinner in the evenings, I usually wake up starving. Nothing exciting for my pre-run meal, a banana and a cub of black coffee. I didn’t even bother taking a picture.

My run was an easy 5.25 miles at a slower pace followed by a series of planks for core strength.


 After my workout, and a shower, I walked the 20 or so yards to my desk. It doesn’t get more convenient than that. Recovery meal was eight ounces of almond chocolate milk and a Blueberry Buzz Honey Stinger energy bar. If you’re not familiar with their products, use the ink provided in this post to check them out. They have a variety of healthy, organic and all natural products for athletes, and just about anyone who wants a healthier choice in snacks. They also have a line of products designed for children which I think is fantastic since most of what’s out there on the shelves isn’t exactly good for them.

I like almond chocolate milk right after a run because it replenishes protein, carbs and fat all in a couple of sips.


 Just like every other Tuesday since I started WIAW, I had a two hour group work session at 10:00. I always bring a snack to this since it’s pretty informal. I brought a container of strawberries and black berries and a serving of strawberry almond milk yogurt. A perfect combination. I know berries are a bit pricey in the winter, but my constant consumption of them along with other fresh fruits and vegetables, keeps my immune system strong all winter. I can’t afford to get sick and miss a week of training.


I decided to pack lunch for today and brought some leftover Dellalo Organic Whole Wheat Orecchiette pasta with Market District Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce. On the side I just had some Zucchini,steamed, 1/2 cup of fresh baby spinach and grape tomatoes. I ate around 12:30 which is about an hour later than normal.


For my afternoon snack, I kept it really simple. Mostly because I was in a hurry getting out the door this morning and I already had serving sizes of baby carrots in the fridge ready to grab.


That kept me satisfied through the afternoon. I left work a little early today, 4:00, since I had a hair appointment that I could absolutely NOT avoid or move. Since I knew I wasn’t going to be eating dinner until later, I packed a 100 calorie pack of almonds. You know I had to mix them in somewhere. 😉


Dinner didn’t come until 7:30pm! I was starving so on my way home from my hair appointment, I stopped at Giant Eagle and picked up Amy’s (Vegan) No Cheese Roasted Vegetable Pizza. I topped it off with Daiya dairy-free mozzarella style shreds. Daiya makes a great line of products for anyone who either wants to avoid dairy, or has to due to lactose intolerance.


Since I ate such a late dinner, that was it for the day.


The only thing that went into the red was sugar. Chocolate milk, yogurt along with the natural sugars will do that.   everything else was fine and the 0 cholesterol number shows that it was a completely plant based day.

Have a great week!


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  1. Running Bear

    Chocolate milk after a run is fantastic. I feel like a little kid drinking it, and to think the professional running coaches and nutritionists recommend it for good carb/protein ratio.

    The orecchiette pasta looks good. I only had that style noodles for the first time over Christmas when my uncle made a dish with it, delicious. Amazing how simply changing the shape of a pasta brings a different taste experience with it. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

    1. Kim

      Awe, thanks! The chocolate milk is something I always look forward to while I’m running, and you’re right, it’s like being a kid. Good stuff.

  2. Carrie

    Um..yum! Glad to see I’m not the only runner out there obsessed with almond milk! :)

    1. Kim

      When I first started straying away from dairy, I did soy. Once I gave almond milk a try, I never looked back!

  3. Shannon

    Was there an app you used to find the information for calories eaten/total burned and the nutritional info?

    1. Kim

      Hi Shannon, This app is the app that pairs with the Jawbone UP band. I bet you can download the app and just use the food portion without actually having the UP band. The band tracks activity and sleep as well though. Hope this helps.

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