Aug 13

Gotta love technology – Columbus Marathon Training Wk7

IMG_7214-1024x1024I’m going to start my little tale two Sundays ago while out on my 14 mile run. I was at North park, famous for the perfect 5 mile loops around the lake. These loops make it ideal to stop at your car every loop to refuel and hydrate. Well, on this particular Sunday, I stopped after the first loop to grab some water and GU and attempted to stop my Garmin (Forerunner 405) without success. As I stood there drinking my water, waiting for someone to use the bathroom and whatever, the minutes ticked by and the average pace went up and up, pretty much ruining my stats for the remainder of the run. it had been doing that a lot lately so I decided it was time for a trade in.

I called Garmin and packaged up my old watch the very next day to ship it off for a newer model. Garmin has a pretty decent trade-in deal which can really save you a few bucks. As I was wrapping my old watch up I hesitated before I sealed the envelope and to my astonishment, got a little teary eyed. I mean, over a watch! The watch went approximately 3,000 miles with me, through 4 marathons, 6 half marathons and countless other races. It was with me on all three ridiculous tumbles I took, with me when I was disappointed and when I was elated about my performance. I guess I was a little sentimental about shipping it off. But I did it anyway. 😉

So there I was, week 6 of marathon training, without a watch. Ugh! I used the Nike plus app, which is a decent stand in on runs when I was alone and during the group runs, just used the stats off another runner’s watch. THEN, yesterday I went out for my 5 miler at 5:30am and during the last 1/2 mile was caught in a horrific downpour. I mean, I had never run in rain like that. 2-3 inches of water on the streets. AND, yes, I had my phone with me because, of course, I had no watch. It was in a “waterproof” Spibelt which wasn’t that waterproof. So now, no watch AND no phone.

This leads me to wonder if carrying all this stuff is really necessary. Is it better to just run out the door, without worrying about pace and specific distances? Do we really NEED to photograph every run as if we are Olympic medalists?

The answer to these questions…HELL YES!

My runs have a purpose now. There are specific guidelines to how far I should be running and at what speed. No wavering from “the plan”, the plan that will take me across the finish line of the Columbus Marathon in 3 hours and 50 minutes. End of story.

The technology problems have been resolved. The new watch has arrived and is set to go, and the phone – well, lets just say it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. It’s back too. Tracking mileage and pace will NOT be a problem tomorrow morning. And as for the endless parade or running selfies. I like them, other people like them and I like other people’s, so they will continue. :) Plus, they are a really fun way to visually track progress.

Here are a few pics from last week.

Tuesday – Medium Day

IMG_0407Wednesday – Track Work

IMG_0431Thursday – Easy Miles

IMG_0445Saturday – Marathon Pace run documented in detail HERE

Sunday – Long Run with Frank and Brianna

IMG_0486 Last week totaled 36 miles. They’re really starting to pile up and I find myself a little more tired in the evenings and hungry!

This weeks schedule is another hard one, but at least I have my new watch to mix things up a little. :)

  • Monday – Cross Training
  • Tuesday – 5 miles @ 9:00 – 9:15
  • Wednesday – 3 miles hill sprints
  • Thursday – 4 miles @ 9:15 – 9:45
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – 8 miles at marathon pace 8:45
  • Sunday – Slow Long Distance 9:15 – 9:45

We’re half way through the week and I’m almost half way through training!



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  1. Jennifer

    Congrats on your new watch! I had no idea Garmin has a trade-in program. Mine still works great after 5 years, but it’s so huge and ugly. I was thinking of a new one, so I’ll have to look into the trade-in. As far as running without technology, I agree with you completely. I have read blog posts arguing that Garmins take the joy out of running, but for me part of the joy of running is measurably improving. I will spend whole evenings just looking back at my running logs over the years! And as for the running selfies–love ’em and happy they’ll continue!
    Jennifer recently posted…Protein for Athletes: How Much & What Type?My Profile

    1. Kim

      Thanks, I like it so far. Progress, no matter how small, keeps me motivated. So, the watch is a staple. :)

  2. Amanda

    That new Garmin looks awesome! I think they’re great and a necessity, not just for tracking time but for me it’s all about the mileage. No matter how many times I memorize a mapmyrun route, or take a usual route I can never remember how many miles it is. I’m always adding an extra turn, or lap somewhere so my mileage for a particular route is always different. I’m also a horrible judge at distance, and would probably stop at 4 thinking I ran 8 😉 !!
    I also love looking at other people’s running pictures!
    Amanda recently posted…Saying GoodByeMy Profile

    1. Kim

      I think I’m so bad at judging mileage (like you) is because I never have to. I always have a watch. Oh, the irony. And yes, some days 4 does feel like 8.

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