Aug 20

What I Ate Wednesday

You would think that marathon training would make you hungry ALL THE TIME. But honestly after I do my pace runs on Saturday and my long runs on Sunday, I don’t eat very much for hours and hours. I just don’t have the stomach for it. I love chocolate milk after I run but not much else. During the week my hunger goes in cycles; sometimes famished and sometimes not in the mood to eat at all.

Typically when I start running miles and miles a week, the weight starts to come off effortlessly. But this time around, not so much. As a matter of fact I’ve gained a few pounds. So, natuarally my first instinct is to start tracking my calories closely. Not just the calories, but also the breakdown of calories. It’s always hard to wrap my mind around the following concept, but the truth may be that I’m not eating enough for my current activity level. The dietitian told me this last training cycle and I responded by upping my caloric intake by 400 calories. And, it worked.

I’m no sure if I’m doing so good packing on the calories, but I’m working on it. Here were my meals yesterday:

Pre-run meal: black coffee and a Health Warrior Banana Nut Chia Bar

IMG_0612Post Run: Mara Natha Almond butter and banana sandwich with a huge water (one of my favorite things I ate this week)

IMG_0637Morning snack: no day would be complete without my almonds (1/2 cup)

IMG_0638Lunch: Spinach salad with chick peas, 1/2 hard boiled egg and tuna, cottage cheese and peaches.

IMG_0639I was too busy with meetings in the afternoon to grab a snack, so it was straight to dinner, which was a pretty great treat; Field Roast grain meat frankfurters, topped with southwest bean salad and Daiya Vegan cheese, corn and sweet potato fries.

IMG_0654IMG_0644That was pretty much it for the day. I typically don’t get hungry again before bed unless I stay up later than usual. Here are the stats for the day below.

IMG_0658IMG_0660IMG_0659My ultimate goal is eat somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800 calories. I fell short of that and burned 486. Doing this on a regular basis will tech the body to hold on to everything it takes in. However, I also have to mindful of eating the right calories as opposed to just packing them on with whatever.

Question: is it always a given that you lose weight during training?


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  1. Michelle @ SFTS

    Dinner looks yummy and that salad looks so good!!! Make sure your MaraNatha isn’t included in the recall that came out yesterday, I had to toss mine.
    Michelle @ SFTS recently posted…Training Overview #sftsRUNSMy Profile

  2. Kim

    OMG – so glad you mentioned that – I’ll have to look. At least I feel fine today – Haha.

    Yes, the dinner was great! Might not have been the healthiest ever but sure was tasty!

  3. Amanda

    That all looks SO good!

    I’ve always heard of people gaining weight when they train for their first marathon because they fall into the “I ran 20 miles, I can eat ALL of the food!” trap, so last year I was extra careful to avoid that (but didn’t deprive myself if I wanted an extra cookie) and was so excited to see that I didn’t gain any weight! I actually ended up losing a little when I first started this training cycle (but had gained before, so I basically broke even), and I’m hoping I can keep that up for a little longer!

    I also struggle with eating after a long, or hard run. It’s normally hours before I can stomach anything but water, Gatorade or something equally sugary, but once I’m ready I am sooooo hungry! It’s tricky because then I’ll eat whatever I’m craving (some kind of takeout) instead of something healthy like I should be. Someday I’ll get better at that! :-)
    Amanda recently posted…Saying GoodbyeMy Profile

    1. Kim

      I know – Sunday I run 17 miles. I’ll eat nothing until 3:00 and then binge! haha. I just feel like I should be losing something. It could be a simple tweak. I feel like I eat pretty clean (typically).

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